Donald Trump

donald trump cartoon faceThe American people know that Mr. Donald Trump is the republican front runner for the presidency, as crazy as that sounds it’s true. Who would have thought this dude would even run for president in the first place let alone be the front runner.

This guy is known for limousine riding, jet flying, styling and profiling all over the world with young models now he want’s to be president. I know he is a self made billionaire and has amassed a net worth of 4 billion dollars but, Trump as president? Really! Trump’s views on some subjects are crazy and kind of make sense at the same time.

I would bet some industries like tree trimming Fayetteville NC and other local contractors, especially ones working at his hotels, would have mixed things to say about it as well. One positive is that, according to Trump he is self funded and did not need help from the lobbyist to fund his campaigns. It’s easy to slam Trump but if we really took a moment to go down his list of accomplishments, we would see some amazing things.  Continue reading Donald Trump