Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Cartoon FaceBeing a woman has a lot of benefits there are many things that woman can do now today they couldn’t in the past. I could name them all but we would be here all day. Women are entering certain jobs, positions, and statuses men normally dominated. Women have made their mark on almost every industry, pioneering women have paved the way for the modern woman.

Now we have Fayetteville roofing contractors and construction works that are female and now potentially a president. The current presidential race is dominated by men but there is one woman out there still swinging, her name is Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has been an inspiration for women and their empowerment for many years. She has shown what it is to be a women in a “man’s” world. She has been in the hostile environment of politics for a long time and has hung with the big dog’s. She never gave up on anything and always put up a fight.

Hillary’s Early Days

Her background of politics started when she attended Wellesley College where she was very active in student politics, and was class president when she graduated in 1969. After graduating from Wellesley Hillary attended Yale Law School where she met fellow Yale graduate her husband former president Bill Clinton. She acquired a Law degree and graduated from Yale in 1973.

Hillary excelled as a Mother and a First Lady she was always by her husband’s side as his equal partner. During her husband’s presidency term he appointed her as head of the Task Force on National Health Care Reform in 1993. Both Bill and Hillary embarked on many political adventures and of course the well-known sex scandal involving Monica Lewinsky. Through it all she was still supporting her husband, she served as First Lady from 1993 to 2001.

After The White House

After her husband’s term was up in 2001 she wanted to obtain a seat on the U.S. Senate, which at the time was being held by Daniel Patrick Moynihan. After his four year term he decided to retire and step down. There was a lot of controversy when she was running for Senate, amidst the stories was successful and beat the then popular Republican Rick Lazio. It was the first time ever that a former President’s wife ran for a public office and won. Hillary became the first woman ever to be elected to the U.S. Senate. She regained her title in the 2006 re-election.

Hillary was on fire and being a woman in politics is never easy and filled with criticism. In 2007 she announced that she wanted to run for president of the United States of America, another first for her. She was running against Barack Obama who was heavily favored. Over the course of her running campaign she conceded the nomination due to the majority of votes Obama had. After being elected President Obama nominated Hillary as U.S. Secretary of State.

She accepted the nomination and was sworn in as the 67th U.S. Secretary of state in 2009. During her term she focused on many issues especially women’s rights and human rights. She tackled many controversial issues over her term as U.S. Secretary of State that was well known from the media. She decided to step down in 2013. She announced this spring of 2015 that she was going to be running for the presidency again. She has been criticized by many men who are running as well, but that did not stop her from throwing her name in. If elected she will be the first female president in the oval office. That will be an accomplishment for all women to be proud of.

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