Donald Trump

donald trump cartoon faceThe American people know that Mr. Donald Trump is the republican front runner for the presidency, as crazy as that sounds it’s true. Who would have thought this dude would even run for president in the first place let alone be the front runner.

This guy is known for limousine riding, jet flying, styling and profiling all over the world with young models now he want’s to be president. I know he is a self made billionaire and has amassed a net worth of 4 billion dollars but, Trump as president? Really! Trump’s views on some subjects are crazy and kind of make sense at the same time.

I would bet some industries like tree trimming Fayetteville NC and other local contractors, especially ones working at his hotels, would have mixed things to say about it as well. One positive is that, according to Trump he is self funded and did not need help from the lobbyist to fund his campaigns. It’s easy to slam Trump but if we really took a moment to go down his list of accomplishments, we would see some amazing things. 
Trumps Accomplishments

Mr. Trump began his road to success out of college working out of his father’s real estate company. This opened the door for the idea of Trump Towers. He also has had his hand in sports, beauty pageants, stock investments and golf. All these purchases/slash ventures were done under the umbrella of the Trump brand. It doesn’t stop there he took his brand to World Wrestling Entertainment and his very own T.V show the apprentice. Now he is taking the plunge into politics and is blazing a trail of Trump followers and haters.

2016 Presidential Campaign

Donald Trump announced in June that he would be running for President of the United States. It was a shock to some and most perceived it as a joke. On the flip side you had folks who were excited and believed Trump would be a perfect fit for the White House. Once he announced he would be running he left his New York headquarters to begin his campaign trail in Iowa. He has had successful speaking appearances in New Hampshire, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and South Carolina.

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During these rallies he has made some controversial comments about immigration, border patrol and jobs. If you ask me has done a good job of getting the attention of the american people. He may not care too much about what people think of him as long as he continues to lead in the polls.

Could we Thrive with Trump as President?

Trump supporters and haters would have two totally different responses to this question. Trump may say all the right things like all the candidates do. Others will say they see right through him, and he will be just like every other president a puppet for the big banks. This is our opinion, we strongly feel like we will be where we were yesterday. It has been proven over the years, you can say all the right things, be successful but the American people will never be satisfied.

At the end of the day use the power you have and vote with your heart. Voting is a blessing most never had a chance to do before you.

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