Jeb Bush!

Jeb-300x215Who is Jeb Bush? When you hear the name “Bush” it rings bells across the world. He is the second son of the former president H.W. Bush and brother to George W. Bush. He was born on February 11, 1953 in Houston, Texas he is currently a candidate for the 2016 presidential election.

He is hoping to take the seat at the white house and leave Obama by the roadside where even the best accident recovery Kansas City MO has available couldn’t help him out. At the next Debate to be held on 12/15/2015 in Las Vegas Jeb plan’s bringing it to his republican counterparts.

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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Cartoon FaceBeing a woman has a lot of benefits there are many things that woman can do now today they couldn’t in the past. I could name them all but we would be here all day. Women are entering certain jobs, positions, and statuses men normally dominated. Women have made their mark on almost every industry, pioneering women have paved the way for the modern woman.

Now we have Fayetteville roofing contractors and construction works that are female and now potentially a president. The current presidential race is dominated by men but there is one woman out there still swinging, her name is Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has been an inspiration for women and their empowerment for many years. She has shown what it is to be a women in a “man’s” world. She has been in the hostile environment of politics for a long time and has hung with the big dog’s. She never gave up on anything and always put up a fight.

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Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is loved and followed by many supporters. He and Hillary are the top two Democratic front runners for the oval office. Bernie has a disdain for Mr. Trump that most Americans would love to show if given his platform. Bernie is a people person and know’s the hatred folks have for Trump so he uses that emotion among other things to get folks at his rallies moving. He doesn’t only focus on Trump, he also sheds light on income inequality, jobs, and tax laws that do not help the little people. Bernie’s other political affiliation was as an independent before deciding to run for president.

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Donald Trump

donald trump cartoon faceThe American people know that Mr. Donald Trump is the republican front runner for the presidency, as crazy as that sounds it’s true. Who would have thought this dude would even run for president in the first place let alone be the front runner.

This guy is known for limousine riding, jet flying, styling and profiling all over the world with young models now he want’s to be president. I know he is a self made billionaire and has amassed a net worth of 4 billion dollars but, Trump as president? Really! Trump’s views on some subjects are crazy and kind of make sense at the same time.

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